Hobbies and Passions

My name is Rhonda Devlin. I have 2 amazing children whom I have homeschooled for the past 17 years. Some of my hobbies and passions include working out, reading, and spending time with my family and friends. I also have an insatiably curious nature that drives me to learn, study, and experience all the flavors this life offers.

Apart from that, I am also passionate, friendly and energetic, and I love to laugh at a good joke. I've been told that my enthusiasm for life is contagious and the very essence of who I am inspires those who know me.

My fierce and serious side causes the people around me to feel safe and protected while I counsel, coach, pastor, or attend to their health needs. That is why I am humbly honored and blessed to be given the privilege to serve and walk with others on their healing journeys.