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My name is Rhonda Devlin, and I am a registered nurse, functional medicine practitioner, board-certified, faith-based therapist, licensed minister, and certified life/wellness coach. I am also a wife, mother, and entrepreneur. Apart from that, I also have a radio show every Saturday, and I am inviting you to tune in!

So if you are ready to invest in your healing to level up your body, spirit, and soul, join me every Saturday at 10:00 AM on AM630 The Word. Listen so you can be empowered, equipped, challenged, loved on, and comprehensively leveled up.

Dr. Derek Lewis

Mission Statement

Rhonda’s mission is to follow the call of our savior in Luke 4:18; “I am called to heal the brokenhearted, bring sight to the blind, and freedom to those trapped in captivity.”

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