Enterprising Women Book

Featuring Rhonda Devlin

I was chosen to be featured in the “Enterprising Women” book along with other women in the nation in order to share our story, passions, vocations, and inspirations. Out of the nation 100 of us were asked to be a part of this project. This wonderful anthology exists so that the world can be changed for the better as people encounter the voices of these amazing women and read their stories.

After all, women need to come alongside each other to encourage, mentor, challenge, inspire, champion, and shepherd one another as we all walk the journey of our lives. Each of us lends a unique and beautiful story that, when shared, illuminates our growths, victories, failures, struggles, and various experiences.


A ThermaHug™ is a thermodynamic pillow that is portable, natural, and all about going green.

  • Created by a Licensed Clinician who understands the dynamics of the body and required therapies to heal.
  • Offers two therapeutic temperature options by providing either moist heat or cold. Easy to use...only requires a microwave or freezer to get the temperature you prefer.
  • Comes in many different designs to fit various parts of your body. Anyone, children or adults, can enjoy the benefits of our ThermaHugs™.
  • Offers real medical therapy and helps the process in our bodies to heal fatigued and injured muscles, tendons, tissues, and ligaments. Helps with fascia release and can help lessen the need for medications.
  • Is a safe alternative for conventional heating pads. (Moist heat doesn’t dehydrate your body like electric heating pads do and it penetrates through layers of tissue to help relax, nourish, and heal. This releases stiff muscles, improves flexibility, and helps circulation).
  • Clients can customize and personalize their ThermaHug™ by choosing from a variety of fabrics and aromatherapy options.
  • Makes a wonderful gift, used across multi-industries, is practical, and aesthetically pleasing.

Animals love ThermaHugs too. They are relaxing and helps to relieve their anxiety and aches and pains. Lavender or unscented are the best options. The weight is also great for deep pressure therapy and can be used to help with neurosensory issues and anxiety similar to a weighted blanket

ThermaHug Neck Pillow 37” x 5 ½ “
Uses: Use for neck, upper back and shoulder region. Helps relax stiff muscles, releases spasms and enhances the healing process of injured tissue.

ThermaHug Face Pillow 12” x 6”
Uses: Great for eyes and face region. Used for sinusitis, allergy issues, eye fatigue, dry eyes, Sjogren’s syndrome, sleeping problems, migraines/headaches, TMJ, post-dental pain, post-surgical cosmetic recovery, mastectomy recovery and any other needs.

ThermaHug Boo Boo Pillow 8” x 6 ½“
Uses: Great for soothing children’s boo boo’s. Cold therapy helps reduce swelling and bruising, while moist heat therapy gives comfort with ear infections, teething, throat pain and any other small ailments. 

Also helps with healing for smaller post-surgical areas such as facial reconstruction and cosmetic enhancements. If breastfeeding, can be used to help establish or reduce milk flow.

ThermaHug Tummy Pillow 20” x 8”
Uses: Use for any abdominal pain due to menstrual issues, colitis, IBS, PID, PCOS, swelling, cystitis, UTI, post-surgical pain and any other ailments. Works well for deep pressure therapy. 

Great for expectant mothers and for use when a woman is in labor. If breastfeeding, can be used to establish or reduce milk flow. Also works great on lower back region or wrapped around knees, ankles, wrist, hands, and feet.

ThermaHug  Small Back Pillow 14” x 12”
Uses: Use for smaller muscle areas, like upper back, shoulder, arm, & thigh areas. Great for those who suffer with back pain associated with scoliosis, neuro-muscular disorders, injuries, & other ailments. Helps those who suffer with autistic spectrum disorders, sensory integration dysfunctions, proprioceptive dysfunction, ADHD, & anxiety. 

The deep pressure it provides is relaxing & calming to the nervous system. Use to help with respiratory ailments by relaxing chest area for deeper breathing. When used in conjunction with aromatherapy can help with respiratory therapy as well.

Reasons Our Products Are Superior to Similar Products on the Market

They are larger, allowing for more areas of the body to receive therapy.

They are proportionately heavier. This weight is necessary. It helps moist heat and cold to radiate deep into muscles and surrounding tissues and provides slight traction and pressure to help with myofascial release to the body, therefore, enhancing the therapeutic response.

They are reinforced and made to hold up for continuous use. We use natural products that are not hazardous. (For example, some similar products use flax seed as a filler, which is a known fire hazard and can spontaneously combust).

We offer fabric and aromatherapy options to fit your needs.

Aromatherapy options include: Lavender, Peppermint, our special Sinus Blend or Unscented.


“Our family loves Thermahugs and we have been in love since 2008! We found Thermahugs at a craft fair in Helotes Texas in 2008. We ordered a shoulder hug, a face hug, and instantly loved them! We used them often for muscle aches, stress relief, boo-boo's and more!

After a few years and a move, we lost our shoulder hug, and after a few more kiddos, we absolute NEED more face hugs!! The Thermahug for the face is the only ice pack my two year old will use without a fight. It is soft and malleable, and holds the cool temperature extremely well.

Other cold packs are hard, made of plastic, and it takes a while for them to get to the right temperature where they are comfortable and effective, meaning we have to wrap it in a paper towel or cloth. Wrapping it alters the temperature even more. its very frustrating, but the Thermahug is always the right temperature and always ready to go!

It doesn't matter how great a drugstore ice pack is, if your child wont put it on their face... It just wont work. Our 5 children actually fight over who gets the Thermahug when they all get their seasonal colds together. Joke is on them! Dad always wins out!
We love our Thermahugs and look forward to snagging more in the future!”

- Amanda B., Key West, FL

“There are many products out there that are comfy and helpful, but none like a ThermaHug. The quality is amazing! It is large enough to make a difference, and the weight on the shoulders really helps relax the muscles in the neck and shoulders. There are other products similar, but none are equal to the ThermaHug. We love it.”

- Robert V., San Antonio, TX

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